Posted on Oct 9, 2018

Cabello 216 Hair and Beauty

Dear clients, just a little reminder if you are
having a pedicure, Please remember you flip flops.

Are you having a spray tan? Please read the advice below:

Preparation for a Spray Tanning
IMPORTANT – do not use ANY oily products. Any oily products used prior to your tan will hinder the skin’s ability to absorb the solution, resulting in possible patchiness or total lack of tan, and if used afterwards, will cause the tan to fade patchy and at a faster rate.
• Wax 48 hours before appointment.
• Shave 24 hours before appointment.
• Exfoliate 24 hours before appointment. Pay extra attention to dry areas of the skin on elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, heels, and all areas where there is any dry skin. DO NOT use shower gels that contain any oils. Then, LIGHTLY moisturize whole body using an OIL-FREE moisturizer.
On the day:
o Remove ALL makeup, cosmetics and jewellery before arriving.
o DO NOT use any oily products on your skin and keep any deodorant/perfume usage to a minimum or not at all if possible.
o During the application wear as much or as little clothing (old is possible) – an old bikini will do. Your therapist can provide disposable underwear and caps.
o Once your tan is applied, wear loose dark clothing, or if staying at home go naked!
o You can apply clear nail polish to finger and/or toe nails to stop discolouration, although the therapist should apply a barrier cream to nails, which is enough to protect them.
o Do not shower immediately before the tan

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